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FALL - 2016

Congratulations Olga Ibsen, RDH,MS, FAADH
for being honored with the ADHA Award for Excellence in Dental Hygiene (sponsored by Johnson & Johnson).

The winners of these awards personify what those in the dental hygiene profession strive to exemplify to their patients, communities, and the world through a career dedicated to improving oral and overall health.

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PART TIME Dental Hygienist needed for a Dental Hygiene Education position. This is a great opportunity educating clients and staff in 40 group homes in the Westchester County area. The hours are flexible and the salary is negotiable.

Please email:
Nancy Succoso at Arc Westchester nsuccoso@arcwestchester.org

Here is the photo of me with my 4 year old grandson Jacob in front of his class. We did a getting to know your hygienist and her toys, AKA tools!

Every child got saliva ejectors, bibs, held spoon scalers, got their own prophy angles with bubble gum polish to smell and watched Jakie get vitamins/fluoride varnish on his teeth!

Jacob and I demonstrated how to brush and use floss holders and "spirals" to add the cleaning of the sides of their teeth!

I had a blast and all the little people went home with a goodie bag of bug fighting tools.

- Madalyn

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Photos from A November to Remember!
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Put the Power In Your Hands
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Speaker: Tom Rimmer

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